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D&D Explainer Video

Learn how to play D&D using this video I created for a school project.

Animated Music Video Promo

For a school passion project, I created this animated music video promo for the song Hand Me Downs by Arkells.

Unus Annus Animated Short

I created this animated short using audio from a video by the YouTube channel Unus Annus. The channel was created with the goal of making a video every day for one year and then deleting the entire channel at the end of the year. Every video had a timer ticking down at the beginning and end to show how quickly time passes and remind us that everything comes to an end.

3D Extrude

I created this title sequence for Avengers Endgame using 3D extrude within AfterEffects.

Skateboard Rotoscope

I added some hand drawn rotoscope animation on top of this skateboard video featuring my brother and his friend.


My first time trying out rotoscope I created this animation of the Ironman snap scene from Avenger Endgame.

Logo Animation

Logo animation I created of the logo I designed for Brew Wizards Board Game Cafe.

Broadcasting Package

I created this broadcasting package for a streaming service I designed.

UI Animation

I added UI animations to the app prototype I created for the streaming service I designed.

Tactile Animation

I created this animation using photographs I took of printed illustrations and scenery.

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