D&D Explainer Video

The core of Dungeons & Dragons is storytelling. Your team tells a story together, guiding your heroes through quests, battling deadly foes, and much more. The game promotes collaboration between friends and creates a unique experience that only the players can understand. It can be overwhelming and confusing for new players to learn the rules of D&D. This could potentially discourage people from playing the game.


To create an animated explainer video for new players that teaches them the basic rules and setup for D&D.


The recent years have marked a Dungeons & Dragons Renaissance as the game has become increasingly popular through podcasts and live streaming. This new generation of players is looking for easy ways to learn how to play. Creating an animated explainer video is the most effective way of reaching the audience by not only teaches and engaging new players but also by providing a resource that can easily be shared with friend who wants to learn.

A sketch of the dungeon master at a table.
A sketch of people sitting around a table.
A sketch of a character building screen.


The design uses a modern explainer video style that is familiar to viewers. Textures were used to enhance the gritty fantasy setting of D&D. Warm colours were chosen to create an inviting feeling to draw people in. Overall the design of the video captures the viewers’ attention and keeps them engaged as they learn all about the world od D&D!

illustration of people sitting around a table.
Illustration of 3 people wearing fantasy style clothing.
Illustration of three different scenes, one in the woods with a monster, one in a city, and one at the mouth of a cave.
Illustration of the dungeon master sitting at a table with a bookshelf behind him.
Illustration of the character building screen.